#87: Hurricane Irma Party: Part 1 - Irmagosh!


In this episode. You spend the first of three days with us as we're stuck inside the coffee shop during Hurricane Irma. We recount our experience of being unable to escape the state of Florida and take you live to the ocean... during a hurricane? Dumbass

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#86: After Dark - On the Bright Side


As Dustin and Dorothy come to an end of the first phase of their journey, Kenny and Mike chat about the Marvel Universe and how to survive a horror movie.

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#85: Justin Wilson Punk Rock Documentary Filmmaker


This week Kenny and Mike talk to Punk Rock Documentary Filmmaker, Justin Wilson about his films: A FAT WRECK & FILMAGE. Respectively these flicks cover the stories of Fat Mike of NOFX and his record label FAT WRECK CHORDS and The Story of The Descendants

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#84: Mad World, but... Netflix Just Got Cooler!


Mike reveals the big news about Netflix selling to your door weed with names based on popular Netflx shows. We vigorously look for the "suck your dick for a cup of coffee" girl.  And... fuck your hate groups.

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#83: Shadow of the Day - Suicide and the Death of Chester Bennington


Sometimes solutions aren't so simple... Kenny and Mike discuss the suicide of Chester Bennington and try to send you some good vibes. The world is a hard place, but there is always someone to listen, someone who cares, & always someone to make you laugh.

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#82: Add Violence & Review It


Kenny and Mike review the Nine Inch Nails album ADD VIOLENCE and get down on a little Fear Factory. While lost in time, Dustin learns that there are other worlds than these.

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#81: The Highway - Chris Cornell, Lennon, and Time Travel


While lost in time, the boys hear the news of music legend Chris Cornell passing. Next thing you know, Kenny's talking about The Beatles again.

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#80: Howie 3: Season of the Witch


#80: Howie 3: Season of the Witch

Kenny and Mike pay tribute to the great George Ramero and Dustin calls in live from his new job as a LIVE P.D. camera operator. Then we find out what happened to Pete & Pete and play some music by Fistula.

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#79: Psycho & The Bates Motel


#79: Psycho & The Bates Motel

This week Kenny and Mike devote the show to the character of Norman Bates. This episode does include spoilers for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, it's sequels, and the A&E television series Bates Motel. Let us know what you think @HowiesCoffee

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#78: Spooky Empire


Mike and Kenny head to Orlando for the Spooky Empire horror convention.

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